The Brand

Mission—Less HS

There’s no cure for hidradenitis suppurativa—but, it’s okay—stick with me here. Are you the woman who’s drowning in exhaustion because things aren’t perfect and your analytical perfectionist self can’t let go of trying to build the white picket fence American dream you see all over social media? If so, the above banner is probably your anthem, at least partially, and all of it is exacerbating the inflammation that causes hidradenitis suppurativa lesions. The Win Against HS mission is to help women reduce systemic inflammation in order to reduce the number and severity of lesions that show up on our skin. That there’s no ‘cure’ for HS isn’t a big deal—because even though we can’t get rid of the disease, it is possible to live with less HS. Less HS looks like lesions that fade away over time, and don’t come back for an encore.

Values—Truth, Opportunity, & Necessity


Truth hurts sometimes, but after the hurt comes freedom. Truth looks like staring down the reality of our circumstances.


Forgiveness, accountability, a change in direction, etc. Opportunity looks like change that leads to a more positive outcome than the sum of our past experiences.


A round peg in a square hole doesn’t work, no matter how much force we apply. Necessity looks like correctly identifying our needs, and meeting needs appropriately.

I’m Her!

If you’re that lady, the girl who’s stressed herself into an HS corner, or the woman who’s telling friends and family everything is good (when you’re falling apart at the seams), you are right where you need to be.

Win Against HS is for you and now is the time to take action. Life with HS can feel like drowning. Think of Win Against HS as your life preserver. Challenge your heart, and create a lifestyle that’s more about living and less about HS, because HS isn’t worth your precious time.

Success Starts with a Story

Share your story to break free from everything you’ve been hiding and start moving toward living with less HS.

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