Hidradenitis Suppurativa Health Coaching

What is a Health Coach?

A doctor can tell you what needs to happen (like adjusting diet, losing weight, or quitting smoking). A health coach helps you figure out how to make it happen. I work with you to develop strategies that best suite you. Win Against HS coaching looks like this:

Providing for the needs of the heart in order to bolster its ability to reduce physical hidradenitis suppurativa symptoms, so life looks more like living and less like HS.

A Paradigm Shift in Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment

Although a health coach isn’t able to treat medical conditions, in my opinion, a paradigm shift in the options available to help cope with HS, is long overdue. Typical HS treatments focus on the symptoms, not on the underlying cause, inflammation. My coaching approach is a significant paradigm shift. Many folks with HS who opt to forego medical treatment usually focus on goals like diet or quitting smoking to improve HS symptoms. Physical efforts won’t make HS worse, but in my opinion, the condition of the heart trumps all physical effort.

Mark Sisson, the founder of the Primal health movement has a philosophy that physical body composition is 80% a result of diet. Although I agree with that statement, I believe it’s incomplete. I believe it’s true only in the case of someone who is emotionally healthy with a skill set in practice (and current life circumstances) that support their emotional health. My hypothesis is that emotional and spiritual well-being are largely responsible for overall physical health. Likely around 80% responsible. For example, if you’ve got HS because you’re in the lowest moment of your life, there’s no end in sight, and you’ve lost all hope for recovery because all the attempts you’ve made at using diet to help reduce HS symptoms have failed miserably, it’s par for the course because diet doesn’t trump heart. Heart is where it’s at.

Without attending to the needs of the heart first, no actions taken outside of caring for the heart will yield the intended (hoped for) outcomes.

This is huge. Please, Take a moment to let that sink in.

Once the heart is being taken care of, then—and only then—is it useful to delve into other health improvements like diet, physical activities, sleep habits, and so on.

Need a Health Coach?

If the paradigm shift outlined above piques your interest, please, don’t stop here. You’re reading this for a reason. You found this information because you were meant to find it. You didn’t end up here by chance. If the above concepts resonate with you, there’s no doubt you’d benefit from the personalized support of individual, one-on-one, coaching. Hearing the stories of others with HS feeds my soul. I’d love to hear your story and get to know you. Click on the logo below to open up and get the weight of HS off your chest—I’m here for you. Even if we don’t end up in a coaching relationship, sharing your story will do more for your heart and body than you even realize at this moment.

Success Starts with a Story

Share your story to break free from everything you’ve been hiding and start moving toward living with less HS.

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