About Gail

Hi, I’m Gail

Just like you, I have hidradenitis suppurativa, and I’ve spent decades dealing with excruciatingly painful symptoms.

My story is meant to inspire you to put in what it takes to find remission—like I did!

To know that it’s possible!

The more you learn about HS, the closer you’ll be to getting over it.

A College Professor’s Question Challenged Me

Standing at the front desk of the Lumley Aviation Center, I was wonder what on earth I was going to do after graduation. It wasn’t that far away and I didn’t have a job lined up. One of my professors walked up as I discussed my future prospects with the admin assistant behind the desk.

You aren’t just planning on being a mechanic are you?

Those may not be the exact words, but the point was clear, and his sentiment that day has inspired me for nearly twenty years.

It was clear my professor had more faith in me than I’d had in myself. He saw something I didn’t. I don’t think he was insulting aviation maintenance technicians, he was challenging me to achieve something rather than be stagnant once I had a secure paycheck.

My Career Change Puzzled Me

In 2012, about six years into my career as an emergency medical helicopter line maintenance technician, an opportunity to ditch the pager (freezing cold farm field maintenance at 2am) presented itself—and I jumped at the chance. I traded my toolbox for a keyboard and began maintaining the systems it takes to keep an aircraft flying… inventory management, purchasing, vendor relations, support contracts, etc.

My co-workers, friends, and family asked all the time, “Do you miss it?”

I missed something about it being a maintenance technician, but I didn’t know what for a long time. After about two years, it hit me. I missed troubleshooting. Seeing something that was broken taken back to a functional state. That’s what I missed.

Optimization. That’s what I thrive on.

Remission Intrigued Me

For years I’d worked a super-physical job maintaining aircraft—with active hidradenitis suppurativa flares. I’d be perched for long periods of time on tiny 2″x4″ maintenance steps that fold out from the side of the aircraft doing engine inspections, or work on the main rotor head. Whatever was required of me. It required focusing on aircraft maintenance as a priority but I also found myself desperately trying to avoid the excruciating pain that comes with hidradenitis suppurativa.

Then one day the flare I’d been dealing with for four years straight—the one that didn’t heal, that constantly became inflamed, that doctors couldn’t fix, that was pretty much an open hole in the side of my leg for four years—healed overnight.

As someone who loves understanding the ways things work, I absolutely needed to know—especially after so many failed attempts at improving symptoms on my own—why after giving up hope, my hidradenitis suppurativa went into remission spontaneously.

Mission: Remission

I don’t work on aircraft anymore, but I still love to troubleshoot, learn about, and refine processes until they’re efficient, beneficial, and functioning properly. I love to help women troubleshoot their personal struggles with hidradenitis suppurativa and with a methodical, analytical approach, do everything in their power to work toward good health—and God willing, remission!

I do just that by putting out quality content, as well as coaching in private one-on-one sessions.

Experience the Difference Heart Makes

Hope is greater than a hidradenitis suppurativa cure because remission looks a lot like good health—heart, body, and mind.

Heart-to-Heart health coaching creates a solid foundation on which to build good health.

Not maybe someday, or next weekNOW!

Mission: Remission

Living with Hidradenitis Suppurativa isn’t easy, but even though there’s no cure, remission is possible. It’s not easy. It takes work. But if I can do it, you can do it!

This freebie outlines exactly how to go about getting truly healthy—heart, body, and mind.

Because remission looks a lot like good, overall health!