Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is an inflammatory skin disease.

Instead of focusing on the problem (lesions) Win Against HS focuses on potential solutions (actions that reduce inflammation).


Change is difficult, but improvement is possible! It requires action though, and sometimes ‘going it alone’ is daunting.

A doctor can tell you what needs to happen (like adjusting diet, losing weight, or quitting smoking). Coaching helps you actually get there (what strategies will best suite you).

The below resources can help you learn about many of the actions you can take that will likely help improve your quality of life with HS. If the info makes sense but you need more help, get in touch! Click the coaching link above and introduce yourself. I’ll be in touch to set up a free introductory call. On that call we can learn about whether we’d be a good fit for each other and tease out whether or not I’ll be able to help you move from living with HS to less HS.